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girlysales's Journal

gιʀℓуѕαℓɘѕ ♥
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Welcome to Girlysales!


• Membership is moderated. You must have interests similar to the community & its members to be accepted, as well as buyer and/or seller feedback. If a journal is empty/lacks feedback/is not familiar to the mods, we reserve the right to reject it. If there is no feedback in your journal but you actually do have feedback use this post to provide us links to any feedback you have, so we know you're legit. Please apply for membership and one of the mods will approve or reject you. If you are rejected and want to know why, leave a comment on the mod post and we will tell you why. :)

• Each seller will have their own rules and if you buy from them those are the rules that you should follow. The community is not responsible for any problems or issues between sellers and buyers. However, the mods have had experience with buying/selling online and will be happy to help if you'd like; leave a comment on the mod post. If you are having major problems with another buyer/seller, please check out i_was_scammed or sale_talk as the lovely mods there are very helpful.

• This community is for selling genuine products. Please do not sell products that are counterfeit (fake) versions of real products. If you are intentionally selling counterfeit products or are misleading buyers into thinking a product is genuine you will be banned.

• As per a recent community poll, resellers will no longer be allowed to post here. What constitutes as a reseller will be managed on a case-by-case basis, and posts that are blatant reselling will be deleted and the user will be removed from the community. If you would like to report a reseller, please do so in the mod post.

• Please use an LJ cut when posting large pictures. It's not fun when you break people's f-lists! You can post one picture outside the cut if you would like, but please make sure it's no bigger than 500x500 pixels.

• The Mods have full discretion when it comes to your posts. If we do not like the way you have posted your sale, we will let you know. Please read up on the Livejournal FAQs in order to use LJ-cuts and image links properly. Please correct the things we ask you to change. If you ignore any warnings, or continue to do something inappropriate we will ban you for a period of time. This also counts if you are rude to other members, please remember common courtesy! Please do not disable comments in your post. We need to be able to alert you if your post needs fixing.

• The community is not for constantly promoting your selling journals. Advertising your selling journal counts as your one post per week.

• You may post your selling posts once a week, unless you have completely new/different items, in which case you may post 3 times a week MAXIMUM with ONLY the new items, and never more then once a day. Please do not delete past posts just to post again in less than a week! These are posts where you either post the items for sale directly in the community or link us to a single selling post in your journal.

Please tag your entries with the appropriate tags! If you do not do so within a reasonable time, your post will be deleted. You can find a list of them in the sidebar, please use it to tag your entry with words related to the items for sale. For example, if you're selling a Juicy handbag please tag "Juicy" and "handbag". You do not need to tag your post with your username anymore, please use this URL to find posts from a specific user: http://girlysales.livejournal.com/?poster=username
Just replace username with the username of the person you want.

• For clothing sales, please include what sizes you are selling, either in the subject line, or anywhere outside the LJ-cut so that it is visible to other members.

• If you have any issues, please comment on this entry - comments are screened and will be replied to by a mod. Please do not backseat mod. This community is checked on at least once a day and a mod will comment on a questionable post. If you feel there is something we missed or did not address, comment on the link provided above.

Above all, enjoy the community and best of luck when selling and buying items!

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